Foreigners hire chauffeur driven vehicles every day in Beijing China, whether it's airport transportation or maybe business meetings all day, our Beijing chauffeur limousine service is right there for you.

There is no need to get a full time chauffeur in Beijing, but do need one a few times a month, so it's much more cost effective to hire one from Peking Car Rental, as and when required.

Our Beijing Chauffeur Limousine Service will enable you to work on the way or simply to take the stress out of traffic jam, especially foreigners who don't have any idea about Beijing's traffic condition.

We have a fleet of limousines, vans or private cars, which are regularly cleaned and inspected to ensure that they are in the utmost condition.

We were excited for head lines such as "Penn State Track & Field Alum Claims IAAF World Championship in Shot Put", "Kiprop beaten to marathon gold by a sec", "Ashton Eaton breaks decathlon world record", "UA athlete Shawn Barber of Canada wins IAAF world championship"... ...

We, Peking Car Rental, provide car and van rental services to sport journalist groups from different continents. Our supporting team make sure our clients use cars and vans on both Odd and Even days for the period while Beijing has tail number traffic control.

Rent Car in Beijing For 2015 IAAF World Championships

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If you're planning to visit Beijing or intend to live here for a short or extended period of time, there's a good chance you've also been thinking about what it's like to drive within the country. Even though you may be an experienced driver, it can often be a bit unsettling to drive in a foreign country. To help you prepare for your trip to China, here are some driving tips to take into consideration.Beijing Driving tips

Forget Google Maps

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At Beijing Chauffeur Service you can book high class limousines for every special purpose. From today, the Beijing Chauffeur Service Website - Peking Car Rental has a complete new and elegant design.

Book Chauffeur Service with Peking Car Rental

You will find many new features behind the modern and clean design. It is for example possible to book a Transfer Service in Beijing via email.

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What steps do I need to do to be able to rent a car in Beijing China?

Over 100 countires accept International Drivers Permit this makes it easy to rent a car in these countries.  The American and European drivers license don't work in China, not only Beijing, but also Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu... ...

So you need to get a Chinese Driving License to rent and drive a car in Beijing.

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